Resurfacing Wood Floors

Restoration Shine offers wood floor resurfacing services throughout the McKinney, TX area. You don’t have to replace wood floors. Let us resurface!

If your wood floors are still serviceable and have been maintained with the right cleaning products they may be candidates for our Resurfacing process. We spot treat them where necessary, lightly buff the floors with a surface prep pad thoroughly vacuum, and tack them. After the floors have been prepped, we do a professional re-coat with polyurethane (matte, satin, or semi-gloss). We ensure good adhesion with the new polyurethane by using chemical etching products. The process provides long lasting results. This is a great process for floors that have lost their luster but still have good stain color on them. It is budget friendly as well, usually less than half the cost of a full refinish. Most floors can be completed in one day.

We Start With Proper Floor Preparation

The process is straightforward and works wonders on floors that are still serviceable and have been maintained with proper cleaning. If your floors are good candidates for restoration, careful prep work is essential:

  • We’ll spot treat where necessary
  • Floors will be lightly buffed with a surface prep pad
  • The final prep step includes vacuuming and tacking to remove very fine dust

Completing Your Wood Floor Restoration

Once the floors are prepped, and every bit of dust from sanding is cleaned up, we start the resurfacing process. The first step is a re-coating of polyurethane. Poly is available in your choice of matte, satin, or semi-gloss. We use chemical etching products during this application to ensure excellent adhesion of the polyurethane. Taking this step delivers long-lasting results for your resurfaced floors. If you still enjoy the color of your hardwood but feel it’s missing a little sheen, this is an excellent option and usually costs less than half of a complete refinish.

Benefits of Resurfacing Floors

If you’re contemplating restoring your floors versus having new wood floors installed, consider the benefits of our restoration process.

  • It’s less expensive than installing new floors
  • Restoration can be completed much quicker
  • It causes less disruption in your home
  • It’s better for the environment

Contact us About Wood Floor Resurfacing

Before you rip out your home’s wood floors, contact the professionals at Restoration Shine in McKinney, TX to learn about our restoration services. Our experienced artisans can honestly assess your floors to determine if they would benefit from our resurfacing services. You’ll get to enjoy beautiful floors in less time while saving a lot of money. Contact us today.

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