When people consider refinishing, many think of an invasive process full of hassles.  Refinishing is a project that does require planning.  However, we have simplified the process significantly.   Improvements to sealers, stains and polyurethanes coupled with our innovative approach, Restoration Shine can now refinish your wood floors in as little as 1 day (depending on square footage of your floor).  We minimize the discomfort of the job, taking care to control dust and maintain a clean, organized job site.

Note:  If your floors are serviceable and just need a minor facelift our proprietary Resurface process might be the right choice for your floors. 

We recommend complete refinishing when:

  • There is cupping or noticeable gaps throughout the floor
  • You want to change the stain color.
  • You have extensive discoloration, wear, or damage throughout the floor.
  • There is excessive wax buildup on the floor.
  • You want to convert them from smooth finish to handscraped or vice-verse

Before:  Bruce Engineered in Factory Gunstock Stain Color

After:  Bruce Engineered Converted to Coffee Brown and Light Scrape