Wood Floor Refinishing

Have damage to your floors? Contact Restoration Shine in McKinney, TX to learn about wood floor repair and refinishing services.

Professional Wood Floor Repair and Refinishing Services

As complete hardwood floor specialists, the team at Restoration Shine offers professional repair and refinishing services throughout the McKinney, TX area. Since 2008, homeowners and businesses have trusted our locally owned and operated company to keep their hardwood floors looking incredible with everything from new installations to repairs and refinishing. Do the floorboards in your home need a little TLC? We’ll breathe new life into your floors to make them appear brand new. Contact us for a free consultation.

We Improve the Appearance of Damaged Floors

Hardwood is a resilient material, but that’s not to say it’s impervious to wear and tear, harsh conditions, or another contractor’s poor installation work. Our hardwood floor repair services address common issues, such as:

  • Split or cracked wood
  • Gaps in planks
  • Cupped floors
  • Buckling
  • Warped planks
  • Loose boards

What’s the Difference Between Refinishing and Resurfacing

If your wood floors still provide adequate support and don’t need to be entirely replaced, they might benefit from some refinishing. Our company offers both refinishing and resurfacing of wood floors, and while those may sound similar, they are two different processes.

  • Refinishing – If the floorboards are in rough enough shape that some might need to be removed, refinishing is probably the only option. In the refinishing process, the wood boards are stripped, sanded, and refinished. It’s a comprehensive technique and takes longer.
  • Restoration – Restoring wood floors should happen about every seven to 10 years but will depend on the type of wood, thickness, and conditions they’re exposed to. The procedure involves one pass with a sanding machine, vacuuming and cleaning up all dust, and restoring with a polyurethane topcoat.

Schedule a Consultation for Wood Floor Repairs

If you need a professional opinion about refinishing or repairing hardwood floors in McKinney, TX, visit Restoration Shine. We have experience with all species of wood, such as white oak, red oak, walnut, and more. Our team will inspect the condition of your floors and provide an honest assessment of the best course of action to bring the wood back to a respectable state. Contact us today.