Wood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood floors are a popular choice for homeowners because of their beauty and durability. With the proper care, the wood floors in your home should last and uphold their luster for years and years. At Restoration Shine, we’re passionate about wood flooring, and our team takes the time to discuss proper wood floor care with our customers in the McKinney, TX area to ensure they get the most longevity possible. Wondering about the best way to maintain the shine of your hardwood floors? We’ve got you covered.

General Maintenance for Your Wood Floors

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Bona Hardwood floor cleaner

The floors in your home, especially in high-traffic areas, will see their fair share of abuse, such as food spills, puddles, pet accidents, and rough play from children. But one of the things that makes wood floors so appealing is their resilience to these situations and how easy they are to maintain. General maintenance includes routine cleaning with a broom, dust mop, or a vacuum on the bare floor setting to pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair. Have a food or beverage spill? No problem. Clean those up right away with a dry or damp cloth.

A readily available cleaner such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a good choice for maintaining a fresh look.

When floors have aged to a point where they have lost some of their lusters, our Resurfacing process can be a budget-friendly alternative to a complete re-do of your floors. We use a dustless, same-day process to put fresh coats of polyurethane on them.

Wood Floor Care Instructions

Keeping up with regular sweeping and vacuuming is an excellent start to caring for your wood floors, but there is more you can do to protect and extend their life.

  • Deep Cleaning – Cleaning your wood floors doesn’t have to be done as frequently as dusting or vacuuming but should be performed occasionally to keep residue off the finish. It’s essential you use a cleaner specifically made for wood floors, such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, available at most stores.
  • Moisture Control – Wood is an organic material and doesn’t do well when exposed to excessive moisture. Try to keep indoor humidity levels low (below 50%) with air conditioning or a dehumidifier. Do not use wet or steam mops for cleaning, as they can deteriorate the finish over time.
  • Scratch Prevention – Area rugs are a great way to protect your floors from foot traffic and pet paws. You can also reduce scratches by using floor protector pads on furniture. Some wear is inevitable, but you can repair minor scratches with touch-up markers, stain pens, and furniture repair kits.

Ask Restoration Shine About Wood Floor Care

The process of caring for your wood floors shouldn’t cause stress or anxiety. After all, homeowners choose hardwood floors because of the easy maintenance. What you don’t do is just as important as what you do when cleaning and maintaining this material. If you’re unsure if a cleaner you have is designed for wood floors, it’s best to stick with sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming. Using the wrong products or tools might shorten the life of the finish, requiring them to be resurfaced sooner than expected. Need more advice? Give our team a call or visit us for assistance.

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