Engineered Hardwood or Site Installed Hardwoods?

As the number of engineered wood products climbs on a daily basis, we are often asked to share our thoughts on the merits and drawbacks of these products.    Here in DFW, where much of the installations occur on cement slab engineered products do have some benefits.  First, because most engineered products are dimensionally stable,

Buckled Floors??

The Green House Effect on Hardwood Floors Wood flooring is a favorite among home owners for its beauty, elegance and durability. Wood floors are easy to maintain and can give you the perfect floor for years. So, it is little wonder that wood floors add to your property value and make it a great inclusion

The Trend Towards Gray

Each period has its signature design elements. The 80’s and white washing. The 90’s was all about natural tones. From about 2002 on stain choices have darkened.  Over the last three years we have seen Gray tones gain popularity.   Our stain supplier, Duraseal has released many versions of grays, and weathered colors.   Restoration